Elite Travel Journeys is a travel agency that crafts inspired experiences for travelers yearning to discover.

– Are you so caught up in working 9-to-5 (or 8-to-7!) that you need an escape that not only relaxes, but re-invigorates?

– Have you done the standard beach resort vacation before — and now you’re ready for something that comes with more bragging rights?

– Do you long for a getaway that connects you to the culture and history of a place … and to your spouse or family?

Forging connections, igniting inspiration, challenging and changing you for life — that’s what happens on an Elite Travel Journey.

“All I can say is WOW! I had contacted Tracy at Elite Travel Journeys to organize a family vacation to Africa. Thanks to Tracy we were able to experience the luxury of tented camps in the bush, a nighttime viewing of elephants drinking out of a watering hole outside one of our resorts, and the beauty of the big five in their natural habitat — just to name a few. Tracy made sure that we were comfortable with our travel plans, explaining what to expect and educating us on what we were going to experience. Her knowledge of the area and her relationships with the staff of the hotels and our chauffer proved to be invaluable. We will not hesitate to call upon Tracy again for our next vacation!”
Pat Conroy

At Elite Travel Journeys, we believe travel should be anything but “typical.”

Your day-to-day life is full of distractions, and with so many work and family obligations pulling you in every direction, you’re lucky if you get to go on one or two vacations a year.

So let’s make those really count.

Whether it’s holding on to the Jeep rails as the tall grasses of the bush tickle your legs on an East African safari, or sailing on an intimate small ship cruise that slices through the cool blue waters of the Caribbean, our custom-designed luxury getaways are like nothing you’ve experienced before.

We take the guesswork out of planning a “bucket-list” vacation. We design those “once-in-a-lifetime” journeys you’ve always heard about. And we think you deserve that kind of trip.

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