Dubai is a thrilling city filled with family friendly activities. During your family vacation in Dubai, you can spend your days exploring historic attractions and destinations. This is also a shopping mecca complete with malls, souqs, and annual shopping festivals. Basically, if you can’t find what you want in Dubai, it doesn’t exist! A few […]

Family Vacations, Holidays

May 3, 2022

Best Places to See During a Family Vacation in Dubai

Best Places to See During a Family Vacation in Dubai

April showers bring May flowers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still hit the slopes during a family ski vacation! There are a few US ski resorts that offer skiing in spring. You simply need to know which resorts are still open during these slightly warmer months of the year. You must act quickly though […]

Family Vacations, Holidays

May 2, 2022

Love Skiing in Spring? Check Out These US Ski Resorts

Love Skiing in Spring? Check Out These US Ski Resorts

Taking a family vacation in Germany can cross many things off your travel bucket list. Although, as you are planning your vacation there, you may wonder how you can possibly see everything on your list. Well, first, you can work with a travel advisor like myself, to ensure you itinerary is carefully planned with all […]

Europe, Travel Tips

May 1, 2022

Best Ways to Travel in Germany During Your Family Vacation

Best Ways to Travel in Germany During Your Family Vacation

The Wild West, rolling sand dunes, and dusty roads are three of the things that come to my mind when I think of old abandoned towns. But not every forgotten town was part of that time. Some of them were destroyed during natural disasters. Others simply ran out of resources and their economy tanked. While […]

Family Vacations, Holidays

April 30, 2022

7 Abandoned Towns Waiting for You to Explore

Abandoned town

Wyoming is a vast state filled with wide open spaces and a bright blue sky. There are plenty of cities and towns to visit in this state. A few of them will transport your family back in time, while others will give you a glimpse of the future. Your family may not find all the […]

Family Vacations, Holidays

April 29, 2022

Top Family Activities to Do in Wyoming During a Family Vacation

Activities to do in Wyoming

Have you always wanted to take your family on vacation to a destination that isn’t on many people’s bucket list? Well, if you are searching for a once in a lifetime adventure, Iceland is the country that has it all. Bustling cities, cultural events, gorgeous countryside, and a couple unique foods you may or may […]

Family Vacations, Holidays

April 19, 2022

Top Family Activities in Iceland for Your Next Family Vacation

Top Family Activities in Iceland

There are tens of thousands of rivers in the United States. Some of those rivers are small, while others like the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers are massive. Many of the larger rivers in the US have made it possible for cargo containers to reach their destination via boat. And those same rivers have been used […]

Family Vacations, Holidays, River Cruising

April 18, 2022

US River Trips to Consider for Your Next Family Vacation

View of Hudson River

Planning a family vacation is easy for some people. They simply choose one destination and return there every single year. Now, if your family loves to get out and explore while seeing new destinations, you would need to come up with a better plan. Your plan may need to include choosing popular vacation destinations and […]

Family Vacations, Holidays

April 15, 2022

5 City Destinations No One Considers for a Family Vacation

Family vacation city destinations

Years ago, it was thought that a vacation in Greece was only for those people who were on their honeymoon. But this incredible Mediterranean country has so much to offer every type of traveler. So, if you are looking for history, culture, natural beauty, the great outdoors, or an island setting, Greece has everything you […]

Europe, Family Vacations, Holidays

April 13, 2022

What a Vacation in Greece Offers Every Type of Traveler

Vacation in Greece

Planning flights can be difficult enough with layovers, delays, and choosing the best departure and arrival destinations. Once you add in the hunger factor during your travel adventures, you may be ready for a breakdown before you actually reach your vacation destination. Yes, you can pack a few snacks in your carry-on bag. But sometimes, […]

Air Travel, Travel Tips

April 12, 2022

5 US Airports with the Best Food

5 US Airports with the Best Food


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