I have taken numerous over the years, but each one always seems better than the last. This is especially true for my vacation in Hungary. I spent a couple days exploring areas around Pecs, including time at the Egg Museum. But it was an entire day in the Villány Wine Region that really took my […]

Culinary, Europe

June 9, 2022

Exploring the Villány Wine Region During My Vacation in Hungary

wine tasting with friends in the Villany region of Hungary

Have you ever been to a Christmas Market? If you said yes, it may be because you have visited a vendor event during the holiday season here in the US. Or maybe you have gone to one of the few actual Christmas Markets in the US. However, if you have never been to an authentic […]

Europe, Family Vacations, Holidays

June 1, 2022

Incredible Christmas Markets in Europe

Incredible Christmas Markets in Europe

There are so many vineyards scattered around the world. And yet, new vineyards, and wineries, seem to pop up every year. You may already have your favorite wine to drink. But why not choose a couple vineyards to visit for wine tastings while you are on a family vacation? You can easily book a wine […]

Culinary, National Days

May 25, 2022

3 Vineyards to Visit for Wine Tastings on National Wine Day

3 Vineyards to Visit for Wine Tastings on National Wine Day

After a couple of years of outdoor dining, many of us have gotten used to being in the great outdoors when enjoying time with family and friends. Therefore, as you are planning a vacation, you may find yourself choosing more outdoor dining options than eat-in restaurants. There is nothing wrong with that since it is […]

Culinary, Family Vacations

May 8, 2022

Unique Outdoor Dining Options to Consider When Planning a Family Vacation

Elite Travel Journeys Telluride dining gondolas unique dining locations

Does your family love to devour pizza when they are hungry? Many families have a love for pizza, whether thin crust, deep dish, or somewhere in between. Since this is National Deep Dish Pizza Day, I thought I would share a few of the best destinations to visit to grab a slice. You may want […]

Culinary, Family Vacations, Holidays, National Days

April 5, 2022

Best Destinations to Visit for National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Deep Dish Pizza Closeup

Sonoma Town may not have as many wineries as Napa Valley, but they have enough to pique your attention during your visit. The five wineries within Sonoma town are all quite special, yet they all offer something unique. This is why I recommend visiting them all when you are driving near Sonoma Town for your […]

Family Vacations, North America, Road Trips, Sonoma Culinary And Wine Discovery

June 21, 2021

All Of The Best Wineries in Sonoma Town

Sonoma Town Wineries

Yes, Healdsburg Town is the best small town in America and that is the main reason why everyone must visit there at least once in their lifetime! So make sure you don’t miss Healdsburg on your next family vacation. Have you ever been? If you answered yes, then you already know why it is such […]

Road Trips, Sonoma Culinary And Wine Discovery

June 21, 2021

5 Best Things to Do in Healdsburg Town AKA the Best Small Town in America

Family Vacation Winery tour

With over 80 different ethnic cuisines and six cuisine styles, it’s debatable which is the finest. With this list, you will get a diverse array of the top food from around the world that you can divulge in to get a taste of the best. Greece Spanakopita – This savory pastry is made of crispy […]

Culinary, Europe, Family Vacations, Travel Tips

September 17, 2020

10 Must Eat Food From Around The World

Hawaiian Poke is one of the many foods to try while traveling to Hawaii


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